If you have been using typical and traditional promotional approaches such as commercials block ads, and trash flyers, you must have seen people resisting it. But, WHY? Because they find them boring, unengaging, and not attractive anymore.

So, now, what can be a good solution for handling the resistance of people to marketing? By building trust. By engaging them most creatively. And it can be done by getting out and moving in the society because honestly, the best way to connect with new clientele is attending outdoor events.

Outdoor occasions are a growing part of community engagement for all sorts of businesses.


How Custom Pop-up Tents help in Customer Engagement

The best promotional accessory to use in outdoor settings is Custom canopy tents. They are considered the most efficient and budget-friendly way to market your brand. Absolutely a tremendous tactic of creating brand awareness and also to outshine the rest of the competitors.

Use it for showing off your latest services, new products, or special benefits at any outdoor farmers market, brilliantly. As it is considered a mobile advertisement, you are free to place your brand where you see the chance to find potential customers.

Here are 10 prospects that can be used to make your brand indulge in effective customer engagement.

  1. Show People What They Need

    With the help of the custom pop-up tents, you can display the messages or information you think will attract people to your business. As every pop-up tent comes with enough room to showcase all the important messages and eye-catching visuals, you can use this opportunity to make sure people get what they demand or want to see.

    Where a lot of identical generic tents can be seen, make your pop-up tent unique by customizing it with bold letters and attention-grabbing graphics. The ideal way to use a custom pop-up tent for your company is to place and design it in a manner that will entice and invite your potential clients.

  2. Make An Ideal Community Space At All Events

    Apart from brand promotion, how can you use it for customer engagement? Simply by making it a shady spot, a good shelter from rain and harsh sun. This is one of the exclusive functional purposes they offer for outdoor events.

    Using your custom pop-up tents as a resting spot for upcoming or tiring guests can help you gather and meet new people expanding your engagement.

  3. Shelter For Products

    Apart from being a good community meetup point, they effectively block the sun rays ultimately protecting your displayed products. Pop-up tents are used as a shield from outdoor elements.

    No matter if it is rainy or windy outside, the tent will offer safety and protection and help you get more comfortable.

  4. Sidewalk Sale

    It goes without saying but a custom pop-up tent makes the best marketing material for calling the attention of passersby. By customizing your tent with the brand’s logo and important details, the visibility of your display can be enhanced.

    Having a side-walk sale? Put your custom pop-up tent and let people know what you have to offer them. They are designed in a way that makes them easier to spot.

  5. Tailgate Parties

    Looking to add more fun or entertaining elements to your tailgating party while keeping professionalism? What else can be the better option than a custom pop-up tent? Where its alluring designs will engage customers, the gorgeous styling will bring creativity and fun to the party along with highlighting the brand.

    You must be familiar with the pre-and post-game ritual fellowship of tailgating. So, it is just the right time to tie your business in with the entertainment!

  6. Trade Shows And Sponsored Events

    Using custom pop-up tents for the display with the side rails outlining your booth’s boundary is something you must do at any trade show or sponsored events. No matter if you have been provided with a small or big space, you can adjust your appropriately sized tent showcasing your brand without letting an inch slip away.

  7. Sports Events

    These are not the purpose of customer engagement only on the professional or business, corporate or official events but also sporting events. Small events can lead you to big fame which is why you never miss any opportunity.

  8. School Events

    Another small-scale opportunity from where you can get tons of clients are school events. To make quick connections and for faster interaction, there is no better place than a school function.

  9. Festivals And Fun Runs

    Finding a specific brand at a festival is a real struggle. You can end this struggle by letting people know where you stand by displaying your custom pop-up tents.

    Your pop-up canopy brings you an opportunity to engage people even if they are not looking for you. You are welcomed to use all spaces (top, sides, inside, and outer surfaces) to deliver your message.

  10. In-store Events

    Till now, we have been discussing how important they are in outdoor settings, but they are equally profitable for indoor settings. Being valuable for both business owners and customers, you must showcase your custom pop-up tents highlighting your products, special services, sales, etc.



We assume we have made you familiar enough with the uses and benefits of using custom canopies that you must be thinking about investing in custom pop-up tents. Suitable for business or personal use, it depends on the chosen design how you want it to represent your business. In short, they provide you bold branding power.