The main purpose of attending any trade show, corporate event, or professional convention is to expand the clientele, create brand awareness and make the business stand out among the competitive market.

Marketers have been searching for new marketing ways that are feasible and creative helping them to make their brand differentiate and striking. If you really want to accomplish something big, you need to think outside your comfort and be very imaginative. Give some time, do brainstorming, and you will get some worth considering guerrilla marketing ideas for the next conference.

To achieve your branding and marketing goals, consider using one or all of the below-mentioned ideas at your upcoming trade show as they are worthy yet crazy marketing tactics. It’d be better to explore every possibility by not limiting your brand to one set of marketing strategies.


Start Preparing For Your Big Event Beforehand

On the top of the list comes the requirement of creating brand awareness and making people familiar with your company through using social or online platforms. You must understand the influential role of spreading excitement among guests before the show begins. In short, start with developing a pre-show buzz before the event date comes.

You are welcomed to take inspiration from the following ideas and use them as your pre-show attention grabbers:

  1. Pre-show Virtual sessions

    Integrating your social platforms for engaging your potential clients is the key marketing idea. It will help you target a larger number of audiences. The opportunity of pre-show virtual events will definitely entice the attendees to interact with your business and might get interested in buying your products, as well.

    In these sessions, show them how you will be meeting their needs. Add a bit of humor to surprise the guests.

    • Start with planning out your schedules for hosting Virtual Conferences or webinars through GoToMeeting and Facebook Live.
    • Another creative tactic is to conduct a Q&A session.
    • You can have interactive polls, assessments, surveys, or quizzes.
  2. Gamification for quick engagement

    Another best approach for accelerating the speed of your client interaction is launching a pre-show gamification program. No doubt, gaming at the booth plays an essential role but you will be getting a competitive edge if you start engaging attendees by sending them an email or connecting them via social media, and asking them to get in contact through gaming.

    As a bonus, you can offer them something free to download that they find appreciated. With a game app, do not forget to add the direct link to your home page. Or, you can add a pop-up message at the end of the game, inviting the players to the booth for an exceptional experience.

    Display your customized postcard on your homepage with a quotation suitable to your brand

  3. Do a press release

    What can be better than conducting a press release in a local newspaper or on any other official site where you will be displaying and sharing your story about an upcoming show. This can be really exciting and entertaining as well as an engaging way to interact with the audience by showing them behind-the-scenes information, surprising sales on products, new products teasers, and more!

    What Marketing Ideas Will Help You Get the Desired Attention During Trade Shows

    With social media interaction, you will be able to start the marketing and branding momentum. And once you have done it, it is time to start planning feasible yet creative, economical yet beneficial marketing ideas that must complement and continue the pre-event buzz.

  4. Wireless charging station

    The unique way to attract people to your booth is by creating a wireless charging station. As people stand in line or visitors sit in your canopy till their smartphones get charged, utilize the time in the best possible way to market your brand and showcase your services. Consider it a bonus action zone to represent your brand at its best!

  5. Take help from eye-catching props

    You can find a wide range of props for promotional purposes. And, yes, you don’t have to act like a clown or use fuzzy, frilly or bright props to attract customers. All you need is captivating props that look decent and engaging at the same time.

    Make great use of the customised props for brand presentation such as a giant pointer hand or a puppet animal.

  6. Impressive giveaways

    No one says NO to the free items and when you are handing them unique swag items, they will definitely be attracted to your business. Trade show giveaway helps businesses stay fresh in the customers’ minds whenever they use it later.

    Simple, handing out gum or mints can even let you have a quick chat session.

  7. Community talk Station

    Another beneficial idea is to create an interactive station where you can talk to the upcoming guests one-on-one. The interactive demonstrations can be your stepping stone for building trust with attendees.

  8. Photo Booth

    We all know how people are going crazy for selfies and shoots, nowadays! So, why not create a selfie stand or a photo booth at your trade show to let people visit your business. All you need is to deliver them an enchanting Hollywood red carpet-styled entrance with fun props and banners to take pictures with.

    And do not forget to ask them to use hashtags of your company or tag you!

  9. A relaxing spot with snacks

    Reserve a little spot for a coffee maker, snack bar, or drink station. After all, where do the tired customers go when tired?! That is why consider making a relaxing area with a canopy and chairs.

  10. Gaming competitions

    Holding a gaming contest, scavenger hunts or a battle cannot only be fun but also a source of interaction with as many people as possible. Pick a table and reserve it for board games, wheel games, etc.

  11. Fun with jugglers

    In simple words, Busk for Your Brand!

    The easiest way to attract passersby is to invite street performers, or a juggler as they can draw their attention with skilled performance. Other than that, a musician or a magician can also do the work. Create a flash mob event or plan performances with funny costumes.

  12. Celebrity Impersonators

    What if fun elements like jugglers, buskers, or musicians do not look suitable or are not complimenting your business? You can go for hiring an impersonator of any celebrity everyone knows, admires, and loves?

  13. Pop-Up Banners

    Display your business in vividly bright, carefully crafted, and personalized pop-up tents. You must choose a custom canopy for keeping the unique touch. And do not forget to add some inspiring graphics that will catch the eye of every attendee.

  14. On-spot contest

    To make the people feel fresh, you can invite them to your booth to take part in a quick contest that is totally based on your marketing such as:

    • Who can get the most shares of their brand
    • Who can get the most likes on the picture of their brand
  15. Postcard printing

    More free things or unique offers you deliver, the more your brand will be highlighted. Try making a small spot for postcard printing where you will let people print out postcards for their friends and families in any style or with any design printed with your logo.

  16. Collaborate

    How can you maximize your impact? By allying with other famous brands or fortunate companies It will help you tout an entertaining blend of multiple brands.

    Other Ideas:

  17. Make any vendor stand outside your display giving popcorn or hot dogs for free to children

  18. One of the best contests to grab the attention is to stage a styrofoam weapons battle

  19. Bring some creative games to attract the youth such as a scavenger hunt where you will hand out the keys, without telling them where they are, and they will have to find the locker branded with your company’s logo

  20. Organize a karaoke platform

  21. Set up a video game stall where the winner will be given a prize

  22. To add a pop of entertainment, you can post fake printed newspaper with amusing headlines alongside mentioning your brand

  23. Try making giveaway packs with any wearable accessory like branded bracelets, lucky charms, or bands with tails or animal ears to wear

  24. With the help of colorful legos show a mock version of your products

  25. Make a partnership with other brands for a paid sponsorship, so your logo will be seen at distances.

  26. To bring an ARTISTIC touch, you should make some graphics on the outside such as chalk art or wall painting

  27. Ask the attendees to fill out the survey that is not academic or any sort of boring but funny quizzes depending on the customers’ interests and preferences

  28. Challenged to raise awareness or collect for a charity work

  29. Have a phone booth

  30. Ready to deliver free valuable tips regarding business or startups