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Custom Rectangle Flag - By Starline Tents

Let’s get some heads turned! With custom rectangle flags for both indoor and outdoor events. And guess what they are pretty quick and easy to set up as well! The quick turnaround if you will! These rectangle-shaped advertising banners are the ideal choice for a number of events. The rectangle flags come with high durability and portability making them perfect for indoor and outdoor signage.

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  1. Display Size: 27.5" W x 71" H
    USD $115.00
  2. Display Size: 27.5" W x 102" H
    USD $150.00
  3. Display Size: 27.5" W x 149.6" H
    USD $225.00
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Let’s explore the different options of Rectangle Flags

We offer various options for custom rectangle flag banners including double-sided, single-sided banners for both indoor and outdoor events. These rectangle flags also come in four different base options.

Double-Sided Flag Banner Design (Recommended)
The double-sided banners are generally used for outdoor events perfect to display larger messages. Your brand’s message can be displayed on both sides of the flag. The choice is yours whether to want to display the same message on both sides or different on each side. The best part is that there will be no extra charges for that. We recommend, ordering the double-sided flags for your event. Compared to single-sided rectangle flags, double-sided flags come with a lining in the between for giving you more vibrant colors and backgrounds.

Single-sided Rectangle Flags
As the name represents, these flags are digitally printed on one side only which is the reason why the print is slightly visible from the other side. The print will come as more mirrored than duplicated. These single-sided flags are perfect for indoor events where people can only see one side. If you want a cost-friendly option, single flags are the way to go!

Outdoor Events
Rectangle flags come with a lot of perks making them perfect for outdoor use. These flag banners are weather resistant meaning they can hold against rain and moderate wind conditions. Due to their large display area, they are eye-catching and noticeable from afar. Rectangle flags come in vibrant colors and with the free form to move in the wind. This grabs even more attention to them and towards your brand in the outdoor settings

Indoor Events
An indoor event can be a press conference, trade show, seminar, expos, and many more. These rectangle flags are an ideal choice for any indoor event. We recommend using the indoor flags with a square base or the cross base.

Let’s take a look at the Base Options:

Starline tents offer four different kinds of base options for your rectangle flags. They include a square base, cross base, ground stake, and a cross base with a water bag.

1. Square Base:
Are you looking for something suitable for flat surfaces?
A square base is a perfect option. This is made of durable, high-quality heavy metal, square-shaped flat bottom making it perfect for flat surfaces and indoor use.

2. Ground Stake:
This provides the greatest stability to your rectangle flag. The ground stake is a 25” long metal spike, the ideal base for outdoor areas like solid soil and grass.

3. Cross Base:
Your perfect travel partner! Cross base comes with 4 legs foldable design, making it easy to travel with to the event destination. This base is an ideal choice for both indoor use and outdoors with mild weather conditions.

4. Cross Base with a water bag:
A base that comes with a refillable water bag that can be placed on top of the cross base. This water bag adds up to 16 lbs to your cross base, providing stability. This makes the cross base an all-around base option for both indoor and outdoor events.

Polyester - Custom Rectangle Flag

The full color with dye sublimation printing process is used to print the 4 oz. polyester for these gorgeous rectangle flags. These flags offer durability and can withstand rain and windy conditions.

100% Customizable:

No extra cost! Yes, you heard it right.
Our rectangle custom flags are completely customizable. Your design can be printed onto the flag in as many colors as you want with no additional charges.

Let’s assemble your custom rectangle flag

Just follow the lead, it’s quite simple to assemble a custom rectangle flag. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Put all the poles together in a proper order
  2. Start unfolding the polyester flag
  3. Slide assembled poles through the pole insert
  4. Pull down the polyester flag fully extended onto the poles.
  5. Place your flag onto one of the four based being offered.

Taking care of your rectangle flag:

Taking proper care and maintenance, your rectangle flag can last for years to come. The polyester-made custom flag can be washed in a machine but it should not be ironed or machine dried.