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Starline Tents’ 20x20 Custom printed Canopy tent - Be a Showstopper at your next event.

Are you planning an event? Looking for a 20x20 custom digitally printed tent? Your wait is over! Starline Tents is here for you with their 20x20 custom canopy tent range - the perfect tent for all casual, business and commercial events. At Starline Tents we believe in providing you with the best quality and custom canopy tents that are a best fit for your brand.

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  1. Size 20ft x 20ft
    Frame + Roof + Custom Printed Graphics Included
    USD $4,000.00
  2. Size 20ft x 20ft
    Frame + Roof + Back Wall + Custom Printed Graphics Included
    USD $4,425.00
  3. Size 20ft x 20ft
    Frame + Roof + Back Wall +2 Side 1/2 Walls + Custom Printed Graphics Included
    USD $5,500.00
  4. Size 20ft x 20ft
    Frame + Roof + 3 Full Wall + Full Color Custom Printed Graphics Included
    USD $5,325.00
  5. 2 of 10x20 Frame + Roof + Custom Printed Graphics Included
    USD $3,400.00
Set Descending Direction

5 Items

per page

StarlineTents offers you a PANTONE® color matching chart. Use this guide to assist with your color selection for your canopy. PMS colors used for printing.

Your reliable event partner - 20x20 custom canopy tent from Starline Tents

The Starline Tents 20x20 custom printed tent comes with X7 Tectonic frames. The X7 frame is our durable, heavy duty pop up canopy range. We offer exceptional quality tents with unparalleled strength and resilience. The 20x20 canopy tent’s body is made up of 6005/T5 commercial grade aluminium with a 2.5” hexagonal leg profile.

Sounds fancy yet? We just got started, Here’s some more

This extruded aluminum connectors, oversized truss barrs and zinc coated 4x4 steel feel further provides additional robust support to the frame. Our 20x20 custom canopy tents redefine strength and durability! Offering you nothing but the best. The printed canopy tent comes with a heavy duty roof made with PVC-coated Polyester. The 20x20 printed canopy can also be partnered with various other promotional accessories along with it. Promotional collateral and other accessories compliment your canopy making it stand out in a crowd. These accessories can also be printed with the same theme as the custom canopy tent. These canopies are fun and way easier to set up over the frame as well.

All purpose & All seasonal Durable Canopy!

Our X7 Tectonic 20x20 custom canopy tent offers structural soundness and sturdiness of the frames. This prevents the canopy from collapsing or tumbling over due to heavy rainfall or high winds. These canopies are made to withstand any of them with grace! We offer 6 plain, 500D solid colors canopy tents as well as customized digitally printed canopy tents. You can go for either depending what’s best for your brand, the choice is yours to make!

The Starline Tents 20x20 custom canopy tent comes with various qualities. These canopies are waterproof, UV-resistant and flame retardant and they come with CPAI-84, NFPA 701 and California Fire Marshal Title 19 Fire certificates. Not only this, all our canopies also come with Engineer’s Certificate of Compliance for assuring and reassuring you of the structural sturdiness and integrity of the overall structure

Take your promotional branding to another level - With our pocket friendly print packages

Making a purchase with an added expense on our 20x20 printed tent might make you feel reluctant. Many business owners are resistant to making such a purchase. However, we assure you that our customized digitally printed business canopies are immensely effective business tools. In fact, nothing promotes your business better than the 20x20 custom canopy tent.

But how?
The 20x20 custom canopy tent comes with vibrant and bright colors which makes them appealing and eye-catching, representing your business with grace and making it noticeable from a far. They attract the audience and passers-by, encouraging them to visit your stall and know about your business more. These branded custom tents don’t just engross an immediate viewer but also are perfect to grab people’s attention.

These customly printed canopy tents are a one-time investment which can be used for various years to come. Unlike digital campaigns where for every new campaign, investment is required. If you are thinking of hiring additional members to transport and set up your event tent, leave your worries aside. We have thought this through! Starline Tents custom tents are easy to pack, use, transport and store. Just unpack, set up and Voila!

Does 20x20 Custom Canopy Sounds appealing to you?

You might ask this question: what makes these Starline Tents so appealing after being printed? Here’s the secret behind the attractive canopies: Our experts use sophisticated, 6-color digital state-of-the-art printers with fade resistant inks over a 600D, PU-coated polyester imported Belgian Fabric.

Why do we do this? The reason behind it is to provide you with rich prints, vivid or vibrant colors and textured end result on your roof that stuns the audience and passers-by. You can take your pick and look out for a 20x20 printed canopy tent among our affordable print packages.

Why would you want to buy a commercial 20x20 Branded Canopy Tent from Starline Tents?

Here’s a list of reasons why:

  1. A chance for Australia’s #1 custom canopy tent manufacturers and suppliers to serve your business with elegance.
  2. We assure you with revolutionary and eye-catching products, guaranteed to make heads turn at any kind of event.
  3. Premium quality and heavy duty products at affordable prices, complete with an array of features, sizes, graphics and shapes.
  4. Top of the class customer services - before, during and after your purchase.
  5. Giving you multiple options to choose from a range of products suited to all budgets and businesses

Interested yet? Are you ready to place your order? Do you think a 20x20 printed canopy tent is best to represent your brand? Browse our 20x20 custom tents from our online store or get in touch with our experts at 844 243 6981 to place your order.