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Stock Color Tents - Starline Tents

The largest range of folding frame sizes on the American Market is offered by Starline Tents. We believe in innovative ideas, which is why Starline Tents consistently develops and releases new sizes and ranges of pop up canopy tents. Our current range of pop up frames start from 10’ x 10’ and it goes all the way up to 13 x 26. Our canopy tents come in both heavy duty steel frames and 6005 hardened aluminum frames. In order to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the instant tents, internal synthetic sliders are used.

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  1. 10x10 Blank Canopy Tent (Optional Walls)
    USD $595.00
  2. 10x15 Blank Canopy Tent (Optional Walls)
    USD $850.00
  3. 10x20 Blank Canopy Tent (Optional Walls)
    USD $1,050.00
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Making Transportation Easier!

Want to make transportation easy? Clip-on wheels can also be added to our complete range of canopy tents for making the set up and transportation easy. We are here to help you find the perfect color and size canopy for you. You can take a look at our cost effective custom printing canopy options for your business, school, club, or organization - find the perfect canopy for you!

Due to the innovative designs we offer, Starline Tents is the United States’ No. 1 choice. Our pop up canopies and folding tents come with long lasting benefits and durability. We give you a wide variety of colors and sizes, offering you custom printing for the entire canopy and walls as well. With our extensive line-up of canopy tents, we also offer additional tent accessories and promotional items. Our canopy tents with their high quality and well engineered designs, can victoriously withstand harsh and varying weather conditions.

The all purpose canopy!

We offer “all-purpose and all budgets” folding canopy tents. Check out our wide range of pop up canopy tents, if you are looking to buy for your business or personal use, we will help you find the best canopy for you. Our pop up canopies come in various sizes starting from 10’ x 10’ and all the way up to 13’ x 26’. The heavy duty protective cover, steel stakes, and tie down ropes are part of each of our standard package. We stock three frame colors, six roof and wall colors, and four strength profiles. Don’t worry, we have something in stock for every business and budget.