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Get Exactly What Your Business Needs with Build-Your-Own Tents

Build Your Own!
Give promotional branding a little upgrade with branded and personalized custom tents for your next event. Your brand has a story to be told. Let’s convey your brand’s message with grace and make it stand out at your event. The best way to make sure your brand booth is noticeable at trade shows, festivals, fairs, or sporting events is to convert traditional canopy tents into an effective promotional medium. Your brand is a big deal, and we are in for the long run!

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  1. Optional Walls & Accessories
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  4. 10x10 Blank Canopy Tent (Optional Walls)
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  5. 10x10 Blank Canopy Tent (Optional Walls)
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StarlineTents offers you a PANTONE® color matching chart. Use this guide to assist with your color selection for your canopy. PMS colors used for printing.

But why would you choose a Custom tent?

For events like tradeshows, expos, or conferences canopy tents play a vital role for any brand. Choosing the best tent for your event is a big investment. Custom tents offer you a perfectly sized canopy manufactured and branded with high-quality materials and stunning print designs. Don’t settle for anything but the best for you!

Professional grade canopy tents come with various benefits offering you features, add-ons, and services to make the custom canopy tent truly your own. These tents are heavy duty, durable, and high-performing. Are you looking for a canopy tent? Go for custom canopy tents for the best possible customization choices.

The Premium Quality Custom Tents:

Starline Tents is offering you exceptional quality all-weather tents, Keeping your guests, customers, or clients, dry, comfortable, and cozy underneath the tent. Our custom canopies are waterproof, UV resistant, wind resilient, and flame retardant. They are NFPA-701, CPAI-84, and California Fire Marshal Title 19 certified. Hence, making your tent a safe place for your team and guests with the Starline Tents. Have an Extreme Experience!

Receiving a Complimentary, No Obligation Mock-up!

In order to make your custom canopy tent noticeable in a crowd, create a design with all relevant information that will grab the attention of the crowd. But how do you know your tent will stand out in a crowd? At Starline Tents, your custom canopies’ complementary 3D visual (the final look) will be shared with you before printing so you can have a clear idea of how your custom canopy tent will look like. No-fuss! All you have to do is share a copy of your logo either in a high-resolution EPS file or a PDF file.

In case you don’t have your logo in high resolution or in these file formats, let us know and our expert graphic designers will then recreate your brand’s logo. In order to ensure the highest standard quality and no pixelation in the artwork of your custom printed tent, we uphold very strict and stringent artwork quality standards. This is why the highest resolution artwork is sent for printing only after your approval.

Manufacturing and Delivering your printed Tent to you!

After your approval and payment are done, we need about 2 weeks to manufacture and deliver your custom printed tent to you. Starline Tents has in-house manufacturing of all the custom products which is why we can also accommodate your tent in tighter deadlines.

Starline Tents - The Advantages

Providing you with the best quality products is our top priority. All Starline Tents tents are manufactured in the world-class production facility, present right here in the US. Our facility is over 250,000 square feet in size and has 12 digital printers and almost over 200 employees - designed for handling customized projects of any magnitude.

Starline Tents has over 15 years of experience in integrated distribution channels and producing tents. Ensuring that you get the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. In the industry of custom tents, Starline Tents along with their associated companies has built a world-renowned brand. With distribution centers across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

5 Day Express Delivery for Custom Printed Tents:

Starline Tents also offers a 5 working day express delivery for your custom printed tent orders. However, this 5 day express delivery is not the standard service which is why it may incur an extra fee. Our standard free delivery time duration is 7 working days. The delivery time of your custom canopy will be started only after the completion of payment, artwork with an admissible print-ready format, and the approval for final artwork are done.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q: How many colors can I have in the artwork?

Ans: Starline Tents tents are custom-made using a digital paper sublimation printing process and with this, you can have limitless color options on your canopy tent. Our prices will not increase whether you want a single color or 100 colors.

Q: How long does it take to get a custom tent?

Ans: Typically it takes about one or two weeks for you to receive the final product, after the approval of the artwork. If you are working on a tight due date, don’t worry just let our team know as we do have the ability to expedite orders.

Q: How do I do the artwork? I’m not a designer!

Ans: Stop worrying, We got you! Starline Tents has a team of graphic designers available to complete your artwork for you. All you have to do is explain to our team how you want your tent to look and we will handle the rest free of charge.

Q: I have my own designer, can they do the artwork?

Ans: Yes definitely. All templates and layouts of our products are available on our resource page. If you have your own graphic designer or you, yourself can handle the designing you can surely make your own custom design.

Q: Can I have a real photo printed on my canopy?

Ans: Yes, as long as the image you want is of high quality, we can print it. As when lower quality images are expanded for covering the roof or wall they can get pixelated. Our team of graphic designers reviews all the photographic image content prior to production.

Q: Which areas of the tent roof can I print on?

Ans: As we offer various packages, this highly depends on what package you choose. Print Package 4 is one of the most popular packages for roof printing options, allowing printing on every panel of the roof.

Q: Can you print my PMS color?

Ans: Yes, definitely. If your company uses a certain PMS color or if you have a strict guide for style, share it with our team of graphic designers to follow.

Q: Can I see what the tent will look like before I order?

Ans: Yes, our team of graphic designers can provide you with complementary mock-ups of your design. If you want to see the mock-up, just communicate it with our team and we will arrange it for you.

Q: What type of printing method is used?

Ans: Top of the class, digital paper sublimation printing process is used for the tents. Firstly, the fabric is heated which makes it expand during the printing process. Later on, this heated fabric is printed. When the fabric cools down, it contracts. This world-class printing process helps to infuse the print into the fabric resulting in profoundly vibrant and deep colors.

Q: Do I order online?

Ans: Yes, you can order online or you can place a call on 844 202 4232 and speak to a specialist.

Q: Is the tent fabric durable?

Ans: Yes. For all of our custom canopy tents, we use 600D PU-coated polyester.

Q: What format does my logo or artwork file need to be in?

Ans: We prefer Illustrator files but Photoshop files or High-resolution JPEG will also do.

Q: Can you print neon colors or have a metallic color on the tent roof?

Ans: Woefully no. Neon colors or metallic colors are our one limitation when it comes to custom roofs. We try to find the brightest neon shade in the Pantone book but unfortunately it won’t have the neon effect.

Q: My sales consultant provided me with a mock-up during the sales process. Is this the file that will be printed?

Ans: No. The mock-up provided of what your canopy tent will look like will be in a low resolution. After your approval of the design and the order, our graphics team will convert your mock-up into a high-resolution file - ready for print.

Q: I already have a plain tent roof. Can you print on it?

Ans: Unfortunately no. We can not print on already produced plain tent roof. This is because we print the roof panels individually first and then, later on, sew them together.

Q: What is the difference between single sided and double sided printed walls?

Ans: We offer both single sided and double sided printed walls. Single sided walls can be printed on one side and have a plain color on the other/back side. Double sided walls can be printed on both sides. The polyester (600D PU coated polyester) which we use for printing is in white color. Which is why if you go for the single sided wall, the opposite side will be in white color. During the artwork or designing process, our graphics team will ask whether you would prefer the print to face internally within the custom canopy tent or you want it to face outwards.

If you want the double sided printed wall, you can have your printing on both sides of the wall. Three pieces of fabric are used for manufacturing the double sided printed walls. These pieces being, the inside printed fabric, the outside printed fabric as well as the lockout layer in the middle.

Q: What color will the inside of the custom roof be?

Ans: As we use white 600D PU coated polyester fabric for printing. Thus, the opposite side of the printed fabric will be white.
Not every roof panel in our print package 1-3 will be printed. For these mentioned packages, you can actually choose between colors whether you want white, black, red, blue, green, or yellow for the non-printed side.

Q: My event requires the tent to have fire retardant certification. Do your tents have this?

Ans: Yes, our canopy tents meet your requirements for fire retardant certifications. All our tents have CPAI-84, NFPA-701, and California Title 19 certifications.

Q: What are the dotted lines on the artwork layout?

Ans: These dotted lines on the artwork template are actually the stitching lines, don’t worry they won’t be visible on the final product. They are just on the layout for helping our team to make the final product.