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Starline School Tents

Pop-up canopy tents have been in use by various schools, clubs, and companies for many years. These canopies have been in use for several purposes like orientation days, sporting events, school fairs, or exhibitions, and academic competitions. A wide variety of school tents from plain 10 x 10s tents to 13 x 26s custom printed tents have been purchased for different uses. But during this COVID-19 pandemic age, school tents are now being utilized for purposes like outdoor classrooms, outdoor gyms, outdoor lunchrooms, and pop-up information booths.

We can help all areas of schooling Stay Covid safe!



Middle School

High School

Starline tents canopies uses the best colour possible for our printing services and to help guide you for the colors we use the Pantone Colour Chart to help assist with your color selection and specification process.

Outdoor Classrooms

During this pandemic, social distancing is the key. These school tents for outdoor classrooms offer the perfect space to practice and maintain social distancing among the students. These tents for outdoor classrooms can be bought in a wide range of sizes and colors. Teachers can teach now their students in a fresh environment using our outdoor classroom tents.

Outdoor Lunchroom

In a cafeteria or a lunch area, it is hard to maintain a proper social distancing as so many students want to eat at the same time. In order to reduce the overcrowding and maintaining proper social distancing among students, schools can set up outdoor lunchrooms for students using our pop-up school tents - keeping a safe distance!

Outdoor GYM

How does the outdoor school gymnasium sound to you? With our school tent, you can set up your gym outdoors. You can easily set them up in the morning and take them down at the day end within a matter of minutes. During this pandemic, Starline Tents pop up school tents are the best way to keep the school gymnasium running and to maintain social distancing among students.

Covid Information Booth

Want to set up an information booth?
Everyone entering the school premises should be aware of the safety, health guidelines, and required information regarding the COVID-19 virus during this pandemic. Purchase our pop up school tent for the Covid-19 information booth set up. The best part, you can custom print the booth to grab attention and help spread awareness for keeping your school safe.