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Star Tents- Find your Perfect Tent

Let’s get your business some buzz in the event! With a distinctive and unique design as the Double pole Star Shade range. Want to grab attention? The unique structure of double pole star shades offers much-needed sun protection. And with their distinctive design of double pole star shade makes sure of getting the heads turned! A unit that offers a beautiful and stylish appearance along with functionality and fantastic value. Double pole Star Shades is one of our most popular tent range.

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  1. Display Size: 20Ft
    USD $2,750.00
  2. Display Size: 26Ft
    USD $3,300.00
  3. Display Size: 40Ft
    USD $5,300.00
  4. Display Size: 52Ft
    USD $7,100.00
  5. Display Size: 54Ft
    USD $9,000.00
  6. Display Size: 72Ft
    USD $15,000.00
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Distinctive and Unique Star Shade Design:

Be unique! Let’s reflect on what your brand stands for in the most eye-catching way possible with our star shades. These star tents come in a variety of vibrant and bright colors that are noticeable from afar, transforming any outdoor space into nothing but elegance. You can choose your Star Shades to be either lightweight polyester or a heavy duty PVC, we offer both. Whatever material you choose to go forward with, we offer complete digital printing of your double star shade despite that.

Providing the top of the class quality!

We offer the best for you. The polyester fabric we use comes with various benefits like durability, strength. We are prepared for anything, which is why the polyester fabric is waterproof and has been through fire resistance tests. We aren’t done yet! Our polyester fabric is a lightweight fabric, making it pretty easy to transport and set up.

State-of-the-art Printing Process

Printing the polyester is a sophisticated process done by a special heat transfer paper sublimation process. This astounding printing process involves various steps including:

  • Step 1: Under the temperature of 390 degrees, the polyester fabric is passed through the two rollers. This step helps the fabric to preshrink and stabilize.
  • Step 2: The graphics or artwork is printed on a special digital printing paper. Then along with the polyester fabric, this paper is also fed through the two rollers to transfer prints onto the fabric.

This specific kind of printing process helps produce vibrant and bright colors which are almost impossible to scratch away.

Heavy-duty Polyester Fabric

Sioen, a Belgium Company is a world leader in advanced manufacturing of heavy duty fabrics and renowned for supplying top of the class quality PVC, a durable fabric. We also use Sioen PVC, heavy duty fabric for our Star Shade Tents. This high quality, heavy duty fabric will last for years to come before perishing or expiring.

The heavy duty fabric is firstly cut into several sections and then they are heat welded together. The printing process for this fabric involves two steps.

  • Step 1: The PVC fabric is passed through the large format digital printers.
  • Step 2: For printing, the Six Seiko Ink Heads spray ink directly onto the PVC fabric surface.

After the printing is done, PVC fabric is then coated with a layer of clear sealant to lock the vibrant colors and secondly provide resistance against scratching. Brilliant right?

Simple and Easy!

The Double Star Shade range is one of the best-engineered marquees for brilliant printing surfaces, affordability, and ease of setup in the United States. For further information, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!