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1) Why should we give preference to Starline tents when so many brands are available in the market?

We are veterans in the field of making trade show exhibits. Our huge clientele is a manifestation of the quality of tents that we make. We have tried to match this good quality of products with economical prices. Our tent exhibits are crafted with much passion and that is why you will find the metal frames finish as smooth as possible with no burrs and uneven polish, Fabric material very smooth and of good quality. We are committed to quality and also take care that quality does not pinch your pockets.

2) Where will I find product specifications such as size, color, packing dimensions, and other technical specifications?

All these details will be available on the website and also when you visit the product page every small detail is furnished plus we have a support team that will take care of queries.

3) Will these tents survive the harsh climate conditions?

Yes these tents are UV resistant and will survive the harsh sun thus provide protection. Fabric material is Flame proof and water resistant thus providing all the protection against rain and fire. Since these fabric materials are UV resistant tent designs never fade even after number of uses at exhibitions in the harsh sun.

4) What are the dimensions of various tents during display and what are the packing dimensions?

All the dimensions of tents during display and while transportation i.e. in the packed state are available on the product page of the website.

5) What is the method to pack a tent and store?

After exhibitions are over tents should be folded correctly to make good space available for storage in the packing cases. It needs to be ensured that they are free from dust particles and water if exposed to rain. They should be necessarily dry. Proper storage enhances the life of these tents and can be used for years together at the exhibitions. No pressure or force should be used in the packing cases as these packing cases are never designed for pressure packing’s of these tents.

6) How the prices of various products with options are available are determined?

They are displayed on the right side of the product page with different options available on the website.


1) Where can I get Design templates in case our design team needs to send designs?

They are available on the product page of the website. They are available in PDF formats and can be downloaded from website.

2) Do you offer design support?

Yes we offer the design support and suggest the most professional designs taking into consideration your requirement. This saves lot of time during busy exhibition schedules.

3) What is the printing technique used for making these tents attractive?

We use latest dye sublimation techniques for printing. These prints are done using latest technologies and software. These prints are long lasting and fade proof. The material used for making these tents is polyester 600D which is very smooth and make the designs look more beautiful.

4) What type of colors are used for printing?

Unlimited colors are available for printing and these colors are eco friendly. They do not fade for long period of time even in the harsh climate. These prints work for long period of time on tents without any maintenance costs or running costs.

5) Will my tent look exactly the same as in the website?

We try to match the prints and colors of tents as close as possible with the one in the website. Final manufacturing of the tent will be only done after the approval from your side and team .We will not charge for emails or design proofs irrespective of number of iterations.


1) Are order cancellations possible?

To catch up with strict and busy time schedules we start the manufacturing process once the design is finalized. So it becomes difficult to cancel the order once placed as all the raw materials are already procured.

2) What to do in case of damage?

Kindly furnish photo copies or pictures of products if you have received items in damaged condition. These proofs are useful for further processing with insurance and courier companies.

3) How to proceed to be eligible for damage claim?

To be Eligible for Damage claim, Report matter within 1-2 business days complete with supporting documents as proof for courier company.

4) What are the order delivery times?

Order delivery times vary from 7 to 9 weeks from date of finalization of design details and your approval to go ahead with manufacturing .For some products this may be reduced to 5 to 7 weeks. We have provided a special rush facility in case of urgencies and tight schedules which will be very low of 3 to 5 days after artwork approvals.

5) What are the modes of payment for orders placement?

Online payment facility is available. We accept master card, visa card and American express card.

6) What exactly is turnaround time and how it is calculated?

All Turnaround times are measured in business working days as Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays during which we are closed are not considered production days and hence not counted for turnaround time. Turnaround time starts only after all approvals, technical, commercial and others are fulfilled. Technical approvals include artwork approvals. All orders are processed only when these files are Okayed including the payments.

Cut-off time is 12:00pm (noon) every day. Orders received after 12 pm will be processed next day or the following morning.

Please note, all turnaround times are approximately estimated times and not exact dates of delivery. We put in our best effort to ship your delivery earliest possible but despite our best efforts, certain factors are beyond our control, and unfortunately can extend turnaround times (bad weather, mechanical failure, improperly prepared artwork.)

Turn-around times refer solely to production. Shipping transit is not included. If the consignment we ship gets late for delivery to your site, it will not be considered a shipper delay.


1) How quickly these tents can be setup?

Complete tent setup can be done in a matter of minutes as they are just press fit structures for frame and run the fabrics onto frame. They can be installed by only one or two persons during busy exhibition schedules and can be brought down as quickly after the trade shows are over.

2) Can we join two or more tents to make a bigger one?

Yes it is completely possible to make a bigger tent by joining two or more small tents. In this case you can eliminate joining the intermediate walls between these tents.

3) Is it possible to keep the side walls open for ventilation of tent?

Yes they are completely modular and you can install them the way you want at the trade show. You can absolutely design the tent according to space availability on the floor.

4) Is it essential to make some preliminary preparations such as making foundations to install these tents?

It is not at all essential to make any foundations on the floor for installing these tents. The package comes with sand bags which hold the tents and form a firm base. All hooks, ropes and pins also come with package to install these tents.

5) Are these packages airline friendly?

Yes all these packages are airline friendly and can accompany you in flights during busy schedules of exhibition. Packing or carrying bags come with wheels so that you can move them effortlessly at airports and across the lounge and floors.


1) Do starline tent products come with warranty?

Yes every starline tent product comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects. For further details you can visit our website and login to the particular product page.

2) Whom should I communicate to in case of repair or replacement?

You can contact our department or simply drop a mail on so that we will further revert back with your problem earliest possible.


1) We ship products to all the states and cities in USA. We also arrange to expedite the products using preferred transporter. Shipping to various destinations are charged and displayed on the website.