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Literature Racks

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Literature Racks, Single & Multi-Pocket Flyer

Literature racks frame one of the exceptional embellishments amid expos and presentations. Handouts and literary works of items frame the inescapable print material that should be shown amid appear for client education. We make literature racks in different size and shapes. Literature racks shape one of the real instruments of Brand manifestations amid public exhibitions. Each Rack accompanies diverse pockets or literature works holding limit. Objective of this item is to build the compass of your items to most extreme number of guests amid the presentation or expo. Modularity of these racks assumes key part amid establishment, capacity and transportation. Quality material either metal or Acrylic and rich plans have made these racks very mainstream at the public expos. Being light in weight they can be conveyed from place to put and can go with you in flights amid setting out to various display locales.

Types of brochure stands are

  • Zig Zag brochure stands with heavy duty case - This has 6 brochure stands
  • Literature rack – This has 5 racks
  • Zed up 1 literature rack - This has 6 racks
  • Illusion literature rack - This has 4 racks.
  • Innovate literature rack - This has 10 racks

Zig Zag brochure stand and literature rack come with heavy duty case for transportation.