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Tower Displays and Columns for Trade Shows - Starline tents!

Looking for something to display your message on a large scale? Our tower displays and columns come in a 3D shape - perfect to display extensive messages in smaller spaces in events like trade shows, convention halls, building lobbies, showrooms, and any other advertising spaces. Starline Tents offer a wide range of tower displays with a variety of sizes and shapes, one of the largest collections made to astound the audience!

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  1. Display Size: 2w x 2d x 8ft High
    USD $1,390.00
  2. Display Size: 2w x 2d x 10ft High
    USD $1,580.00
  3. Display Size: 2.5w x 2.5d x 11ft High
    USD $2,445.00
  4. Display Size: 2.5w x 2.5d x 14ft High
    USD $2,820.00
Set Descending Direction

4 Items

per page

Visibility is the Key!

With their three-dimensional shape, you can easily convey your branding message to your audience visible from all angles. Our tall display trade show towers increase the message visibility even in small and confined spaces. On top of the great height increasing the range of vision, their eye-catching appearance makes it even more interesting and grabs the attention of event attendees from every corner. For promoting your brand message, these trade show display towers come with multiple surfaces that allow you to print custom graphics.

These tower displays are perfect for events like convention halls, building lobbies, retail showrooms, or any other advertising related space with a heavy crowd, with enough space to spare! You can use these display towers and columns both either to complement another trade show event or as a standalone display - providing you with an amazing custom designed visual space promoting your brand message.

Let’s grab some attention!

Along with a variety of eye-catching tower displays for your trade show, Starline Tents offer standard fabric trade show display towers, illuminated backlit tower displays, rotating blimp towers with built-in motion, snap frames, and a number of arches and walls as well - we are here to make some heads turn! These tower displays and columns offer you the perfect way to showcase your message or graphics on a large scale in a limited space - the attention grabber!

Let’s translate your company logo and graphics into our multi-surface tower display. If you need any help contact us today. Our team will closely work with you to design an effective promotional message, a tool to create a bigger impact with a small footprint. These tower displays give an amazing platform to display your desired message at your exhibit in lobbies, showrooms, retail stores, shopping malls, airports, trade shows, and many more venues. With the 360 degrees structure and a wide range of distinctly designed creative marketing solutions, display your message with our tower displays - your own effective advertising tool.