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Shipping Cases

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Custom Designed Kiosk & Booth Shipping Cases

If you are looking for a solid and robust case that can take all the load of your exhibition materials than these shipping cases are right options for a number of reasons.

  1. They keep all the materials clean and ready for use the next time around.
  2. Materials never get damaged in the case during transportation no matter how long you travel.
  3. They come with wheels which make them very easy for transportation.
  4. This case can also be converted to podium and optionally they come with graphics.
  5. They are also accompanied by handles for movement.
  6. They are made of hard plastic and very robust and sturdy to carry all the exhibition materials during long distance travels . They also have the options of graphics.
  7. Hard cases that come with packages can be converted to podiums during the show.
  8. Upper portion of some cases can be used as stepping stools.

Various types of shipping cases are:

  • Magnetic booth shipping case
  • Slim shipping case
  • fabric booth case (Extra Heavy duty).
  • Fabric shipping case
  • OCX standard wheeled display case.
  • OCA – 2 Lighting and accessory case.
  • OCS small graphic case
  • OCL large graphic case.
  • OCB Banner stand case.
  • OCE expandable case
  • OCP2 Premium wheeled display case
  • OCP elite deluxe wheeled display case.
  • OC-HOP Hopup/Medium Wheeled Case
  • OCH Large display case
  • OCH2 Large display case.
  • OCHM Freight Case
  • OCFM Freight Case
  • OCF Freight Case
  • OCF2 Freight Case