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Custom Pop Up Tents For Your Brand

Businesses need to stand out from the competition. Custom pop up tents are the ideal way to show off your business's brand and get recognition in a crowded marketplace. StarlineTents has been doing the design and printing of custom tents with logo in bright and vivid colors for years. Making your business noticeable in a crowded market is a challenging prospect. There are so many advertising tents that getting lost in the clutter is easy. Thankfully, Starline offers our clients superior printing quality custom canopy tent and dye sublimation processes that ensure vivid colors that can withstand all weather conditions you throw at it.

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Businesses have a wide variety of custom popup tent premade sizes. At Starline, we offer our clients the standard sizes:

However, we also offer personalized canopy covers with logos in addition to these standard sizes. Sometimes a company just needs a branded tent to fit into a particular place. We've got you covered with our trade show tent sizes.

We deal only in high-quality custom printed pop up canopy fabric sourced locally. The fabric we use in our canopies is specially designed to be weather resistant and stand up to the force of winds they are likely to encounter in the real world. Our high-quality printing methods make graphics on outdoor canopy tents and tents pop!

However, fabric and sizes are only part of providing a great tent to a client. We use a heavy-duty pop-up frame for our custom canopy tents, providing a solid basis for the tent's structure. The frame we use on our tents was designed to be lightweight and easily mountable while still giving strength and shape to the tent. If you want to experience the benefits our full canopy tent with company logo provides, feel free to contact us!

The team at StarlineTents is your source for all of your portable canopy tent custom needs. We offer custom popup tents 10x10 custom canopy, 10x15 custom canopy, 10x20 canopy, star tents, medical tents, custom food vendor tents& more.

All of our custom printed tents are made of extremely durable materials, allowing you to transport your tent without risking damage. It also means you can use your tents at a wide variety of venues, including outdoor marketing events. Finish off your tent with industry-leading accessories, which you can find in our incredible branded pop up tents package deals, choose from, you’ll have everything you need for your next event.

Don’t go another trade show without standing out to your potential customers. By pairing stunning custom canopies with add-ons, custom table cloths & feather flags, you can effectively market your brand and business. The team at StarlineTents is ready to help you transform your promotional marketing with high-quality, custom products that meet your exact business needs.

StarlineTents offers you a PANTONE® color matching chart. Use this guide to assist with your color selection for your canopy. PMS colors used for printing.

Custom Tents - Superior Frame Quality

Standard V1 30MM

Ideal for any Budget

30MM light weight tent frame
30MM light weight tent frame Specification
  • Commercial Grade V1-30MM Steel Frame
  • Powder Coated Steel Folding Frame
  • Economical Price - Light weight and Easy to Set-up
Deluxe V2 40MM

Commercial Grade & Easy to Carry

40mm aluminum tent Frame
40mm aluminum frame details
  • Commercial Anodized V2-40mm Aluminum Frame
  • Hexagonal Aluminium Folding Frame
  • Budget friendly Price - Light weight and Easy to Transportation
Premium V3 50MM

The Strongest and Most Durable

50mm strongest pop frame
commercial grade strongest hexagonal aluminium frame for outdoor tent
  • V3-50MM Designed for intense, long term use
  • Hexagonal high-quality Aluminum Folding Frame
  • Extra Durable with stand heavy winds

Personalized Pop Up tents Package To Make Everything Easier For You

canopy features
  • Water-Resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Scratch and UV-resistance
  • 600D Digital Printed Premium Polyester Fabric
  • Full Color Dye Sublimation Printing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Custom Canopy Tent Top Sublimation Printing

See Features

customized pop up tents packages included 30MM frame

30MM Folding Steel Frame

See Frame Difference

40MM customized pop up tent folding frame

40MM Hexagonal Folding Aluminum Frame

See Frame Difference

Optional upgrade 50MM thinkness custom canopy tent frame

50MM Extra Heavy Duty Hexagonal Aluminum Frame


Frame Comparision

pop up tent premium quality transport bag to protect your frame

Premium Roller Bag


Weight sand bags for Pop up Canopy leg

Sand Bags (Set of 4)


Hold down the advertising custom tent canopy using this bundle of 4 Ropes and 4 Metal Stakes

Ropes & Stake Set


Canopy leg flag mount(bracket)

Flag Holder


Customizing Your Pop Up Canopy Tent for Exhibition with Add-Ons

StarlineTents offers the service of delivering custom walls for your custom trade show tents with logo. All walls are designed to go well with your personalized tent canopy size, color, and style. Browse our custom printed canopy tent package deals and see available options under the product list of custom printed canopy cheap ready-to-go packages with custom walls.

pop up tent full walls and half walls

Order a Custom Pop Up Canopy Tents with Sides

A custom heavy duty pop up canopy is incomplete if it doesn't have the surrounding tent walls to go with it. Some tents are better off with half-walls that allow a view into the tent itself. Others prefer to have full walls that will enable approach only from the front of the tent. Our clients benefit from our dye sublimation process with their printed walls. We can include vibrant graphics with single-side printing or offer you full double-side printing with your logo and other details included.

Buy Custom Printed Tablecloths with Custom Event Tents

Table covers are another thing a customer notices once they step into a tent booth. Crafting the right branded custom tablecloths takes some skill and innovation. Luckily, Starline offers professional designers trained in spotting the best way to layout table covers for your logo or design alignment. Choose our custom combination of trade show canopy tent and tablecloth package deals for large outdoor and indoor activities.

custom event tents with logo printed tablecloths
custom tailgate tent with feather falgs

Customizing Your Pop Up Canopy Tent with Feather Flags

Feather flags and pop up tent custom combination unique angle allows for extra visibility at out door promotions. Your personalized canopy tent is only a viable marketing strategy if customers notice where you are. Custom feather flags are yet another marketing tool to help you get your business noticed on a crowded expo floor. The best flags you can get have rich colors that draw the audience's attention. Banners with your logo emblazoned on them are a great way to promote your business at an event or trade show. A well-crafted banner can help promote your business and even draw interest from passers-by. If you want to see what we have to offer in our package deals and add-ons accessories department or place an order online or give us a call!

Why Choose a Customizable Pop Up Tent Design?

Customizable Tents are a cost-effective way to show off your business at exhibitions and trade shows. Not only are they easy to carry from location to location, but they're simple to set up and take down. Starline's advertising pop up tents series offers flexible presentation methods for companies that want that little extra to stand out from their competitors.

It's not just about the tents themselves, though. Anyone can put up a plain, single-colored tent. A business that wants to stand out needs to go further. Starline provides a one-stop shop for all your printed marketing accessories and canopy needs. Our custom tailgate tents with sides are designed to stand up to the elements and remain as vibrant in color as the day they were printed. Our design department even helps our customers create a unique layout that reflects their business personality.

custom tent design ideas
printed personalized pop up tent for advertising

Printed custom tent canopy are perfect for advertising

A vendor can have several ways of getting the news about their business out. Setting up personalized canopy covers or having marquees that show off the business' products and services are one of the easiest ways to get the word out there. Specially designed table covers and flags can also provide a business with added exposure. Setting up a canopy pop-up tent on a trade show floor immediately draws attention to the company and its location.

If you're looking for high-quality printed custom event tent, canopy top, walls, and accessories that will stand up to both indoor and outdoor use, check out our store or contact us for an event party tents require quote. Let us help you show off your business in style.

What is the best use of custom made tents?

These are designed to function in both, indoors - outdoors events & promotions. If you think it suits a particular brand, you are mistaken. Our all-over printed customized tent canopy commercial business tents are perfect for all sorts of events and brands.

  • Car Sales Business
  • Sport Teams and Tournaments
  • Luxurious Clubs
  • Social Arrangements
  • Automobile Business (Sales and Repair)
  • Restaurants and Catering Industries
  • Radio Stations
  • Tourism Business
  • Domestic, National & Federal
  • Agencies
  • Electronic Business Enterprises
Sports Tent

Use and Maintenance of your Custom Canopy Tent

Custom popup canopies are easy to use. With lightweight frames, these custom printed pop up tents are easy to mount and take down. The smaller tents we offer can be set up by just one person, with options to make it even easier to put them up and take them down. Portability is the name of the game when it comes to custom ez up canopy.

setup and take care of custom canopy tent

Maintaining a customized canopy tent is as simple as wiping it off before storing it. A mild soap or detergent with a brush should be enough to clean off your customizable canopy tent, based on the fabric we use for our designs. Avoid scrubbing the tent too deeply to avoid losing the sheen of the printed product. We recommend against using power-washers or industrial-strength detergents since these may damage the tent fabric and affect its longevity.

Replacement Parts for Custom Printed Tents

In case of facing any damage or misplaced the hardware of your event tent, you are welcome to communicate your issues with our customer service representatives by calling at 1-888-972-3040. We will be happy to satisfy our customers by providing substitute tent hardware and accessories replacement items.

Custom Canopies Frequently Asked Questions

Customers frequently purchase custom pop-up tents in a variety of standard sizes. The most popular sizes are 10x10, 10x15, and 10x20, as well as 5x5, 13x13, and 20x20.

Custom logo tent prices are determined by factors such as size, material, design, and customization options. In the USA, the cost of a custom logo tent can range from $845 to $5500 or more depending on these factors.

Installing a 10x10 canopy tent typically takes only a few minutes and can be by two people. The process is to just expand the frame, and attach the canopy.

There are many types of pop-up tents, including inflatable, star, small back wall, and customized. When selecting the perfect pop-up tent for our needs, we can consider factors such as durability, portability, size, setup simplicity, and price.

Depending on the seating position and use case, 4-6 people can easily fit in into the 10x10 canopy tent. Although the height and size of those people counts!

It depends on several factors such as the design, size, materials used, and the quality of construction. But many pop-up tents can withstand wind speed of up to 30-40 km/h.

Most user-friendly pop-up canopy are those which come with pre-attached frames and require minimal assembly. Starline, Display solutions and exhibit displays provides such easy to set up pop up tents.

Th life of a pop up tent depends on several factors like frequency of use, weather conditions, and maintenance. Although a standard pop up canopy tent lasts for 3-4 years.

Yes, Starline Tents can print any high-quality photo or image on your custom pop up tent. Contact their team to discuss the details and request a quote.

Starline Tents offers a variety of gazebo canopy tents for sale on their website. Browse their selection to find the perfect tent for your needs.

When choosing an outdoor pop-up canopy, look for features such as waterproof and UV-resistant materials, sturdy frames, and adjustable height options.

Yes, customized outdoor canopies can be used on the beach. However, make sure to properly secure the tent and protect it from wind and water damage.

To secure your instant pop-up tent on the beach, use sandbags or heavy-duty stakes to anchor the tent to the ground.

The cost of a custom canopy depends on the size, design, and customization options you choose. Contact Starline Tents' team to request a quote for your specific needs.