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Custom Teardrop Flags - Starline Tents

Providing you with a quick turnaround! Custom teardrop flags are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. They are quick and easy to set up as well, so worry less! These gorgeous teardrop flags are printed in full color on the 4 oz. polyester fabric. Custom teardrop flags come with various options of bases for both hard and soft surfaces - making them an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor advertising, promotions, or storefronts.

Teardrop Flag banners commonly are also known as Op flags or teardrop feather flags. They are in the form of a large teardrop with your desired custom design or artwork on them. Teardrop flags are digitally printed using a dye-sublimation printing process. The flag pole is made up of lightweight aluminum and fiberglass that can be either put into the ground or placed on a flag stand, the choice is yours! With the bendable flagpole, your teardrop flag banner will be stretched out and tight with and without wind.

Set Descending Direction

4 Items

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  1. Display Size: 46.4" H x 19.6" W
    USD $150.00
  2. Display Size: 29.5" W x 74.75" H
    USD $195.00
  3. Display Size: 38.0" W x 118" H
    USD $230.00
  4. Display Size: 42.9" W x 152.75" H
    USD $275.00
Set Descending Direction

4 Items

per page

Custom teardrop flag banners come in variety of options!

We offer various options for our custom teardrop flag banners including double-sided, single-sided for both indoor and outdoor settings along with four different base options.

Double-Sided Flags
Teardrop flags are most visible and effective in the double-sided print option. You can print your artwork on both sides of the flag making it evident. The choice is yours, whether you want to print the same artwork on both sides or go with a different design for each side. The best feature of double sided flags is that they come with a lining in between which helps enhance the vibrant colors and prevent one side showing through the other. This is why we recommend double-sided teardrop flags, as it brings out the defined and noticeable look from every direction.

Single-Sided Teardrop Flags
As evident by the name, these flags are printed on one side only. Which is one of the major reasons why they are “print through”, meaning the design print can be slightly seen from the other side but it will appear mirrored instead of duplication. Single-sided flags are more cost-effective but besides that, they are not as effective compared to double-sided flags.

Outdoor Settings
Custom teardrop flag banners are heavy-duty and weather resistant plus their ideal size makes them noticeable and eye catching from afar, perfect for outdoor settings! These custom teardrop banner flags come in a variety of different bases perfect for any outdoor setting. Your teardrop flags can be directly stuck into the ground with the use of ground stake or they can be placed directly onto the ground with the help of a cross or square base.

Indoor Settings
Teardrop flag banners are an ideal choice for indoor events like expos, conferences, seminars and many more. According to our professional recommendation, square base and cross base are perfect for indoor settings.

Types of Base options

Our custom teardrop flag banners come in a variety of base options for both indoor and outdoor settings including, square base, cross base, ground stake, and cross base with water bag.

1. Square Base
This heavy metal, flat, square-shaped bottom base is an absolutely great choice for indoor and outdoor settings during rush hour and moderately windy conditions.

2. Ground Stake
Ground stake base is a 25” long metal spike which usually provides the greatest stability. This base option is perfect for installing teardrop flags for outdoor settings in solid soil.

3. Cross Base
If you are traveling with your event accessories, the cross base is the ideal option. With its 4 legs foldable design you can take it easily to your event destination. This base is a great design for indoor settings with high foot traffic. We recommend placing it carefully to avoid any tripping hazard.

4. Cross Base with Water Bag
This heavy plastic ring, with a refillable water bag over the cross base, adds about 16 pounds of weight on top of it, anchoring and securing your flag.

Downloadable Templates - Custom Teardrop Flags

Are you interested in designing your own teardrop flag from the scratch? Amazing! Downloadable templates of our products are available in .pdf file format. Using these templates, design your teardrop in your favorite computer software. Get started by downloading the templates to make sure that the designs you create match the teardrop flag size, shape, and bleed requirements perfectly. Once the design has been created, you can go to our Upload Artwork link and upload the final design file.

Polyester - Custom Teardrop Flag

Your custom teardrop flag is printed on incredibly heavy-duty and durable, 4 oz. polyester, along with maintaining an extensive line-up of vibrant and bright colors.

Customize it all you want!

These teardrop flag banners are customizable with custom colors, artwork, images, text along with anything you need to promote your brand or event and make it a success.

Assembling your Custom teardrop Flag

It’s quite simple, just follow the below-mentioned steps and you’ll be fine!

  1. Put together all the poles in a proper order
  2. Unfold the teardrop flag
  3. Slide the pole through the pole insert of the flag till the flag is completely extended
  4. Lastly, erect the flag by inserting the base of the pole with any of the four base options being offered.

Maintaining and Taking care of your Teardrop flag

Maintaining the teardrop flag and keeping it safe will ensure it last for years to come. These flags can be washed in a machine but we recommend not to iron or machine dry them.